Dommengang - Love Jail

Dommengang - Love Jail

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Dommengang, the LA-based power trio of guitarist Dan ‘Sig’ Wilson, bassist Brian Markham and drummer Adam Bulgasem, return with the desert cruiser’s dream album Love Jail. Dommengang have adapted to the arid climates and imbued their particular brand of rock with a heavy dose of the best of 1970’s rock aesthetics. The album was produced by The Fucking Champs guitarist and engineer Tim Green (Joanna Newson, Wolves In The Throne Room, Fresh and Onlys, Earthless), who perfectly captured the band’s sound while creating the space of older analogue recordings. Love Jail includes Dommengang’s most melodic and lyric-heavy songs to date – a great road trip record and a dynamic listen that is of the moment, organic and earthy with a heavy nod to the clear, lean recordings of a time long before any of its members were born.


A1 Pastel City
A2 Lovely Place
A3 Lone Pine
A4 Stealing Miles
A5 Love Jail
B6 I'm Out Mine
B7 Going Down Fast
B8 Dave's Boogie
B9 Color Out Of Space
B10 Stay Together