Circle 60 - SawnOff Shot Gold

Circle 60 - SawnOff Shot Gold

  • £24.00

2xLP - limited vinyl
Release date: 31st May 2019

Members and Collaborators of Muse, Gorillaz, Senseless Things, The Streets, Delakota and more release a “British Psychedelic Punk Pop” classic.

Circle 60 is a group of West London musicians who have been involved in some of the most important British music released in the past couple of decades. SawnOff Shot Gold is the record that THEY wanted to hear, and it was made the way they wanted it made. 

Initially to be released on a limited run of vinyl only, SawnOff Shot Gold is the culmination of a lifetime of record collecting, years of conversations and months of arguments, leading to days of intense writing and recording and the results are spectacular. With influences from The Who to The Damned, Small Faces to Sex Pistols, Terence McKenna to Dukes of StratosphearSyd Barrett to Motörhead, the record is a non-stop assault of powerful psychedelic punk pop music, as extreme and melodic as you’d expect from these influences.

Circle 60 are:

Morgan Nicholls- (Bass / Vox) - plays with Muse and has also performed with The Streets,The Who and was an original member of Senseless Things.

Des Murphy- (Guitar / Vox) - original member of Delakota also performs with Penguin Cafe.

Cass Browne- (Drums) - Gorillaz drummer for many years, original member of Senseless Things and Delakota and performs with Penguin Cafe.

Motorcycle Ade- (Vox / Guitars) – Motorcycle Ade is Motorcycle Ade.

The album will be available online for a limited time in a selected number of independent Vinyl Record Shops positioned around the UK, which the band are passionate about supporting.

"In this day of streaming and downloads, everything’s starting to get lost in online playlists, or clicks on YouTube and it all feels a bit throwaway, oversaturated and transitory. Attention spans are waning while flicking through infinite tracks chosen “especially for you” by an algorithm.

We wanted to reconnect to something physical - something beautiful that you can hold in your hands; that you can feel and look at the artwork and appreciate in a tangible way while listening to the whole album.

The music is the most important thing to us - but it's not the only thing. Album artwork and the physicality of a piece of vinyl played such an important part for all of us when we were getting into music - we wanted this initial release to reflect that.

There's an irreplaceable “wow” moment you get when holding your new vinyl for the first time that never happens with a download. 

We've cut this to the highest spec - two 12" records, two tracks a side, cut at 45rpm on a Scully lathe – giving you the clearest, loudest and highest sound quality possible.

With the Independent Vinyl Shops, well...these are the very people on the same trip. These are the very people who still love to listen to recorded music the same way. We decided that by going direct to them, to Independent Vinyl Shops, that this release would originate from its very real home. This is where we grew up discovering music; we still get a thrill going into these places. There's nothing better."