Andy Bey - Shades Of Bey

Andy Bey - Shades Of Bey

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Reputedly John Coltrane’s favourite singer, Andy Bey illuminates such talismanic recordings as Members, Don’t Git Weary, with Max Roach, Won’t You Open Up Your Senses, with Horace Silver, and of course Celestial Blues, with and without Gary Bartz.

This 1998 album is magisterial, showcasing Bey’s four-octave baritone/falsetto range pushed to its expressive limits. The compositions are dazzlingly diverse, opening and closing with the caressing intimacies of a Brazilian love-song and an Afro-Cuban lullaby, by way of Midnight Blue, a Monk and an Ellington, and the modal classic Half And Half; a knockout version of the beautiful song Some Other Time; a staggering excursion on Blood Count; and a gently rocking interpretation of Nick Drake’s River Man. Gary Bartz and Geri Allen both sparkle.

This first vinyl release is handsomely presented by Koko — its debut — and luxuriantly cut at 45rpm.