Crescent - NOW

  • £18.00

What a wonderful door stop delivery in the midst of lockdown to begin the new year: we are very pleased to have a number of unplayed copies of Crescent's first album 'NOW' that were once stored away amongst the shelves of Revolver distribution. Rolling back the years, this great record comes full circle and you can again purchase Crescent's debut from a Bristol high street shop.

With echoes of The Velvets' characteristic lo fi guitar lines, songs burst into distorted vocal shouts & thrashing riffs before descending into murky electronic experimentations and distant voices. Full of whirling White Heat rupture, it has the tension & delicacy of Lady Godiva's Operation stretched out across an entire album.

Very proud indeed to celebrate such a brilliant artist through our shop and thank you to Kate Wright & Matt Jones for sharing their attic find with us.

-It should also be noted that copies have the slightest of warps, it really is the slightest and the faintest of arcs in the sleeve opening due to long term storage.