Scientist - Intoducing

Scientist ‎– Introducing Scientist - The Best Dub Album In The World...

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Hopeton Brown, better known as Scientist, has been a pioneering figure in the world of dub for nearly 40 years. His early love of electronics proved fruitful when (still a teenager) he was hired at King Tubby’s studio in Kingston. Brown quickly ascended the ranks and became heir to Tubby’s throne, producing imaginative and technically impressive mixes that solidified his forward-looking nickname. ‘Introducing Scientist – The Best Dub Album In The World’, his 1980 debut LP, lives up to its boastful title. Recorded with Sly and Robbie at Channel One Studio and mixed at King Tubby’s, the album features hypnotic basslines, reverb-drenched keyboards, and fluid, start-stop rhythms. Opening track ‘Steppers,’ with its well-balanced phrasing and organic contours, shows Scientist’s mastery of the studio-as-instrument concept. On ‘Scientific,’ the effects-laden guitars are stretched to their outer limit to create magnificent, spaced-out textures and muted tension. ‘Introducing Scientist’ displays the talents of a man obsessed with every element of production, drawing out the very best of the dub form.


A1 Steppers
A2 Rubber Foot
A3 Elasticated
A4 Rocking
A5 Lovers
B1 Front Line
B2 Scientific
B3 Jungle
B4 Bali-Hi
B5 Chemistry