Alex Van Pelt - Tum Tum

Alex Van Pelt - Tum Tum

  • £21.99

Release date: March 8th

Alex creates with Tum Tum the soundtrack of a dreamed teen movie and sings for the lonely hearts that beat behind their screens.

 The hero of this film ventures into the meanders of a digital jungle, a digital psychedelism where words come into resonance with sounds, structures deform, because behind the pop evidence of Tum Tum lies a desire deconstruction of pre-established forms.

As much influenced by the break-up songs of the Everly Brothers as by Ryuichi Sakamoto's compositions, by Kitano's films, and by Ninja Kids, Tum Tum is a map of Alex Van Pelt's influences that finds its form in an intimate patchwork.

"The simplest line is always the best," he says in the song Endless Rain that closes Tum Tum. A formula worthy of Lao-Tseu, which sums up well the poetics of the guitarist of French band Coming Soon, Alex Van Pelt: it is in a refined language that responds to the kaleidoscopic profusion of his music that Alex tells these eight romances, in search of a Way to to follow. We listen to it with pleasure, and let it guide us through the labyrinth of our mediated lives.

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