Mac Quayle - Mr Robot OST S1V2

Mac Quayle - Mr Robot OST S1V2 (white vinyl)

  • £25.00

2xLP - White Vinyl

The soundtrack is released in 2 volumes, each volume pressed as a double LP.

Volume 2 Contains:

- 2 x White Vinyl LP discs

- Housed in Full Colour Deluxe Gatefold sleeve

- Double Sided Printed Insert

- Spray Paint Stencil

- Download Card

Quayle's score draws to mind works by great composers such as Cliff martinez, Cabaret Voltaire and Vangelis, but is ultimately its own dark unnerving beast, at times strange dreamy and atmospheric, whilst being almost unbearably claustrophobic at others.

Much like the show itself, the soundtrack is destined to be a classic.