Nick Craft - Minerva

Nick Craft - Minerva

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Limited edition 12" vinyl pressed on 180gm black vinyl. Includes digital download, streaming via the bandcamp app, bumper sticker and a postcard.

"My name is Nick Craft. Among other things, I'm a singer and songwriter from Australia.

Minerva is my first solo record, and one I’m incredibly proud of. It was produced by my brother and friend Martin, who makes records as his own as MCraft. We used to play in a psychedelic rock band called Sidewinder together, which we formed in the 90s, as kids several years too young to drink legally in the pubs we were booked to play and, coming to think of it, even too young to drive ourselves home. After a few intense years of collaboration on records for a major label and touring the pub and festival circuit in vans down the Hume Highway or cross-continental flights, Martin and I went our separate ways, musically.

Minerva is the first time Martin and I have worked together since Sidewinder, although this time in very different capacities. For this record, I asked him to produce the record and arrange it for strings, celesta and a small vocal ensemble, to support the songs I’d written on an old Swedish nylon string guitar with a crack running down the front, which I found laying unloved and partly strung in a Melbourne estate sale, and then carried around the world as a partner for my last years of freewheeling bachelorhood.

We recorded the basic tracks with Wayne Connolly in Sydney,  who wears his multiple ARIA awards lightly, even when sitting under them in his studio, next to his classic Alberts desk, which contains the ghosts of a million million-selling Australian rock classics. Martin took these tracks back to the USA, where he was living in an old motel in the Joshua Tree, driving into LA occasionally to work with some crack American session players on the arrangements.

I wanted the record to have a depth and intimacy that really supported the songs- particularly the lyrics, which I've worked hard to invest with a depth and meaning that's drawn as close to poetry as I'd care to get. And Martin delivered these well and truly.

Honestly and sincerely, I’m so proud of Minerva and honoured and humbled by Martin's contribution towards making it the record I’ve aspired to for years."