Once and Future Band - Deleted Scenes (Dinked Edition)

  • £26.99

  • Dinked Edition 47
  • EXCLUSIVE translucent “beer” coloured vinyl
  • EXCLUSIVE FOLDED 12” x 24” poster (folded with LP)
  • EXCLUSIVE 3 track flexi-disc
  • Numbered sleeve
  • Strictly limited edition of 300
  • Release date: 10th April 2020

The space-age songsmiths of Once & Future Band have been ting-tinging away on the truly heavy anvil of hominid perspective and emotion again to bring you this singing scape of songs. Annealing for over a year now, until it was cool enough to hold in your ears, nested in the pinnae, the time has finally come. Dew drops pop and hiss as they settle on the gliding guitarmonies. Once & Future Band have outdone themselves this time around.