Pet Shimmers - Face Down in Meta

Pet Shimmers - Face Down in Meta

  • £17.99

LP - limited to 250 copies

Yeah, another band. The whole new, supercharged seven-piece first appeared at the beginning of 2019, unloading a flurry of singles online; two of which, the Goat Girl featuring glitch odyssey Feels Hz and voracious follow-up Mortal Sport Argonaut, acquired immediate attention / BBC 6 Music support from Tom Ravenscroft and Gideon Coe. A prompt invitation to record a session at Maida Vale followed, claiming their first ever live performance, barely a month after the project had begun - noted by Ravenscroft as a potential formation-to-radio record.

Face Down In Meta aims to push these carefully assembled sonic hurdles even further afield. A baritone choir greets destructive-droning on opener Thawed Out Plainclothes Demon, soon countered by a saccharine introduction to the alt-pop universe that starts with Super Natural Teeth, ever-expanding as the record rolls on. Swirling harmonies disarm on checkpoint Cheat Codes (THPS2), allowing the group to compose themselves and soar, recharged, through a rampant, dark lo-fi conquest.

Lead offering Post-Dick Circle Fuck grabbles body positivity vs millenial angst (“I’m not sorry about my body / I’m not sorry about my pussy”), whereas closer Crash Tense Dummy sprawls tragedy throughout an essential, hypnotic 11 minute run time.