Pet Shimmers - Trash Earthers

Pet Shimmers - Trash Earthers

  • £19.99

LP - black vinyl / red vinyl
Release date: 2nd October 2020

Yeah, another band. Pet Shimmers is a brand new, supercharged seven-piece based out of Bristol.

Having played their first show live on BBC 6 Music just a month after they assembled (noted by host Tom Ravenscroft as what must be a formation-to-radio record), the group dropped their debut record Face Down In Meta at the beginning of 2020, heading out on a mammoth UK/EU tour with Alex G shortly after.

Ever prolific, their second full-length Trash Earthers is due October 2nd, proceeded by lead single "Imber" which features members of Yuck & Talk Show. Eyes wet with sadness, bodies fizzing with uncertainty and exhausted spirit from the overwhelming stare, facing down the newly unelected future normality of endless triggers and mirrored confusion, a series of hopeful / eventual tour dates with Happyness and Porridge Radio lie ahead for spring 2021.