R.E.M. - Life's Rich Pagent

R.E.M. - Life's Rich Pageant

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After a harrowing experience recording their previous album (1985’s magnificent ‘Fables Of The Reconstruction’), Rem reconvened the following year muttering something about a ‘poppier’ sound. However, old fans were given little to complain about when ‘Life’s Rich Pageant’ was unveiled. Admittedly new producer Don Gehman had cleaned things up; you can even hear what Michael Stipe was singing on a couple of songs. And, yes, there’s even a novelty cover (‘Superman’). All these factors though, point to a band really enjoying themselves in the studio, from the euphoric clatter of ‘Begin The Begin’ to the poignant waltz-time strum of ‘Swan Swan H’. Highlights? Too many to mention – but it’s hard to disagree with Stipe when he cites ‘Cuyahoga’ and the hymnal ‘Fall On Me’ as two of his very best.


Dinner Side
A1 Begin The Begin
A2 These Days
A3 Fall On Me
A4 Cuyahoga
A5 Hyena
A6 Underneath The Bunker

Supper Side
B1 The Flowers Of Guatemala
B2 I Believe
B3 What If We Give It Away?
B4 Just A Touch
B5 Swan Swan H
B6 Superman