Shunkan - The Pink Noise

Shunkan - The Pink Noise

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Following on from her double sell out EP ‘Honey, Milk and Blood’ and the comic book single ‘Our Names’ Art Is Hard are delighted to be able to finally unveil the debut album from NZ based, but LA born Marina Sakimoto, otherwise known as Shunkan.

Whereas the EP recordings were shrouded in a cloud of lo-fi blissfulness, ‘The Pink Noise’ sees Marina filling out her sound with a full band. In doing so she has managed to avoid the pitfall of many bedroom-pop-prodigies and has managed to make sure the songs have not lost any of their heart or emotion. Instead it is placed directly in front of you, bared and bruised.

The album was recorded in Lyttleton, Christchurch NZ and Marina says of the record “the inspiration was honesty and clarity, and the struggle of keeping your demons at bay. The lyrics are vulnerable and straight forward with hints of abstract imagery and setting.”

Whether Marina is describing the feeling of big city lonelyness (Peter), learning how to grow up (The Pink Noise) or codependency (Here With Me) there is a consistent feeling of catharsis which runs throughout the album, although the subject matter might be objectively sad, the album certainly doesn’ feel that way. We haven’t even got onto the music yet, but the songs themselves are some of the most well-written, affecting and memorable we have released in five years of this little label business. There’s Weezer’esque choruses, melodies to make Radiator Hospital proud and shoegaze interludes that might even cause Kevin Shields fathom a grin.


A1 Garden
A2 Our Names
A3 Peter
A4 Holdin' To Your Breath
A5 Blue
A6 S.A.D.
B1 Paleontologist
B2 Here With Me
B3 Anything But Love
B4 Everybody Wants To Die
B5 The Pink Noise