Sleaford Mods - Tiswas EP (yellow vinyl)

Sleaford Mods - Tiswas EP (yellow vinyl)

  • £15.00

New music from front gob Jason Williamson and music master Andrew Fearn in the shape of the ‘Tiswas’ EP. The ‘Tiswas’ EP features four brand new studio tracks alongside ‘Tiswas’, lifted from the ‘Divide And Exit’ album. The limited edition orange vinyl comes accompanied with download card.

Jason Williamson explains the tracks:
Tiswas: “An attack on the waning power of guitar based rock n roll and its short-sighted viewpoint combined with the armchair anarchic lobbyists who fucking point their fingers at the masses like cunts. I know works shit but I'm not putting my daughter on the street to please you cunts.”

The Mail Don't Fail: “The dross of right wing media. Easy target I know but one that all the same is getting worse. Good people brainwashed by these cunts. Plus another stab at the slow death which is local government and its banal workings.”

6 Horseman (the Brixtons): “Part fictional account of misguided drug use to fit a stereotyped image in order to sell records. Also a stab at delusional self-images which always end in tears. The people may tow the line but they will eventually tell you to fuck off if you keep telling them you are Elvis. Also a cheeky stab at the purists who inhabit the gig scene, so informed yet so uninformed.”

Bunch of Cunts: “Random observations from a city in 2014. Bunch of Cunts also touches on the distain you can sometimes have for your fellow human beings, the despair in conformity, and the despair of your own place in conformity.”

The Demon: “The nickname for a specific leader of an army currently fighting wherever. The cause or the country or the reasons are of no relevance really. War and its on-going trail of death is an enemy of our existence, regardless of fucking wherever or whoever. Fuck the excuses. It's a money spinner full of ego and extremely insulting methods of justification. Fuck off demon. Fuck off.”


A1 Tiswas.
A2 Bunch Of Cunts
B1 The Demon
B2 The Mail Don't Fail
B3 6 Horsemen (The Brixtons)