Swinelord - Life Is Empty/I Feel Fucked

Swinelord - Life Is Empty/I Feel Fucked

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Church of Fuck luminaries Swinelord are back with a deluxe release of their debut EP I Feel Fucked which is now backed with Life is Empty; a new 5 track collection of crusty grindcore that isn’t afraid to get its’ sludgy groove on.

In juxtaposition to I Feel Fucked, the new tracks are considerably shorter and get to the point much faster. The real brilliance of Swinelord’s sound is the duel vocal attack of Chris and Will who scream in different ranges to achieve maximum evilness. It really is quite astounding how the simple marriage of higher-pitched screaming and low, guttural growls creates a desolate, bleak atmosphere that is hugely oppressive. Life is Empty is an immediate blast of filthy, muck-ridden grindcore that repeatedly beats seven shades of shit out of you until Swinelord’s message of “we are angry and we hate everything” has been driven home.

The only downside is that pairing the new tracks with the I Feel Fucked EP spoils it to a degree. Once I Feel Fucked rolls around you are treated to considerably better production values which give Swinelord’s murky, high-octane sludge a much needed layer of clarity which allows you to appreciate the musicianship on display.

The production on Life is Empty is unfortunately bass-heavy and far too muddy. The riffs are buried under the massive, grunty, low-end bass-lines and constant barrage of blast-beats. If the guitar was given more presence in the final mix and maybe not tuned as low, you could really enjoy Swinelord’s special blend of vomit and concrete on the same level as I Feel Fucked which does a much better job of conveying what the band are capable of.

Life is Empty still offers the seasoned metal fan a masterful slab of grind to get their head round, but with some more attention given to the final mix it could have really stood out as a truly brilliant offering of crust punk and grindcore and not just a passable release.


A1 Sloth
A2 Endless
A3 Void
A4 Letch
A5 Spitting Blood
B1 Welcome To You're Doom
B2 I Feel Fucked
B3 Phimosis Death
B4 Morning Beer
B5 Lad