Thought Forms - Songs About Drowning

Thought Forms - Songs About Drowning

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On third full length release Songs About Drowning, Thought Forms kick it up yet another notch, pushing the boat out even further to create a strange, intoxicating album, their most accomplished to date and certainly their most fascinating. The resultant album is Thought Forms at their most refined, although that doesn’t mean that it lacks a pulse by any stretch of the imagination. Instead it’s the opposite – by combining songwriting methods they’d used in the past, they honed and sharpened their sound to a knife edge. The colossal, completely improvised opus Aeaea slowly builds into a maelstrom of beautifully attuned noise with piano, drums and even horns adding to its perfect storm. Similarly, Forget My Name and By the Stars build on improvised drum patterns to become beautifully hypnotic, seductive tour de forces which rank among the band’s best yet. With the band adding new instruments and a new level of confidence into the mix, Songs About Drowning could well be the record that sees Thought Forms getting the recognition they so richly deserve as unparalleled British sonic noiseniks bar none, and see them carrying on the proud lineage of off-kilter noise pop, joining the ranks of My Bloody Valentine, Suicide and many more.


A1 Forget My Name
A2 Woolf Music
A3 The Bridge
A4 Aeaea
A5 Inland
B1 Missouri
B2 By The Stars
B3 Drawn
B4 The Lake