Visionary Hours - Beyond The White

Visionary Hours - Beyond The White

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Deliberately setting out to ask friends and Preserved Sound artists to contribute overdubs to instrumental finger-picked guitar pieces, Beyond the White is an album of collaborations with artists including Bruno Sanfilippo, Richard Youngs, Western Skies Motel, Adrian Lane, Trigg & Gusset, Isnaj Dui and 3+, among others. The album is also characterised by the sound of an old Framus archtop guitar and tape echo.


A1 rippling river drifts blue and green
A2 empty hills just after rain
A3 away into endless spaces
A4 evening mists have no resting place
A5 flowering and falling
B1 where the wind sharpens the goodbye
B2 vermillion through the hills
B3 against the after glowing sky
B4 white clouds curl on the blue hills
B5 hills empty, no one to be seen

Beyond the White by Visionary Hours