War Coma/Jesus Bruiser - split LP

War Coma/Jesus Bruiser - S/T (split LP)

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Two UK bands share this piece of vinyl. First up is 4 tracks from Manchester's War Coma. They play ferocious hardcore d-beat with beautiful breakdowns, tortured vocals and the 4 tracks coming in at 20 minutes that leave you very satisfied. Next is 5 tracks from Bristol's Jesus Bruiser, playing crust ridden anarcho punk with breakdowns bursting back into blast beats.


A1 War Coma - The Hunger
A2 War Coma - The Feeding
A3 War Coma - Asleep In The Crime Ring
A4 War Coma - All That Was
B1 Jesus Bruiser - Palestine
B2 Jesus Bruiser - Repercussions
B3 Jesus Bruiser - Burnt Out
B4 Jesus Bruiser - Black Metal
B5 Jesus Bruiser - Blueprint