Wedding Present, The - Going, Going…

Wedding Present, The - Going, Going…

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LP+ – 2 x LP plus CD, DVD and 7 inch!

‘Going, Going…’ is the title of the widely anticipated ninth studio album from UK indie darlings, The Wedding Present, but, in typical Wedding Present fashion… it’s not a conventional release! the album tells the story of a road trip across the USA, revealed across a collection of twenty ‘linked’ songs, each with an accompanying short film.Always challenging and experimental, the idea to release the new project in a multi-media format is something that has been marinating with bandleader David Gedge for some time. As he points out, work began soon after the unveiling of The Wedding Present’s 2012 critically acclaimed album ‘Valentina’. “I’d already decided by then that I didn’t want to make the next release just ‘another album’ and so I came up with the idea of twenty ‘interconnected’ pieces of music. Then, in the summer of 2014 I travelled across the USA with photographer Jessica McMillan and we made some atmospheric short films to accompany the tracks. Since then it’s been a case of progressing through the music, trying all sorts of ideas, seeing how they work set against the visuals.” Recorded at Studios La Fabrique in the south of France and Parr Street Studios in Liverpool with multiple Grammy award winning producer Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath, Adele) the resulting twenty tracks represent arguably The Wedding Present’s finest work to date, with Gedge, as always, showing himself to be the unrivalled master at observing human relationships from an everyman perspective but with the touch and artistry of a poet. 


A1 Kittery
A2 Greenland
A3 Marblehead
A4 Sprague
A5 Two Bridges
B1 Little Silver
B2 Bear
B3 Secretary
B4 Birdsnest
B5 Kill Devil Hills
C1 Bells
C2 Fifty-Six
C3 Fordland
C4 Emporia
C5 Broken Bow
D1 Lead
D2 Ten Sleep
D3 Wales
D4 Rachel
D5 Santa Monica
E1 Bells (Piano Version)
E2 Broken Bow (Acoustic Version)
F1 Rachel (Acoustic Version)
F2 Little Silver (Piano Quintet Version)