William Tyler - Lost Colony

William Tyler - Lost Colony

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On April 29, William Tyler will release Lost Colony, the follow-up EP to his critically acclaimed 2013 release Impossible Truth. The limited-edition 12-inch features the new song “Whole New Dude,” a full-band reworking of “We Can’t Go Home Again” from Impossible Truth, and “Karussell,” a cover of a Michael Rother (Neu!) song.

“Whole New Dude” was born from a conversation on tour with M.C. Taylor (Hiss Golden Messenger) about Julian Jaynes’ The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind and how ancient peoples slowly transformed into what we could consider more “modern” thinking. Tyler and Taylor joked that the title of the book should have been Whole New Dude, and it stuck. The song is a reworking of an older piece titled “Man of Oran” that was originally featured on 2008’s Deseret Canyon LP by The Paper Hats, which was the original recording moniker Tyler used for his solo work.

After over a year of solo touring in support of Impossible Truth, Tyler was excited to write and arrange more for an ensemble: “Including these guys as part of the band has totally transformed the way I look at playing this music because it feels more like family on these songs. I am not hammering away in a private/existential manner all by myself. We tracked it as a band, there were other people to bounce ideas off.” Giving the full-band treatment to “We Can’t Go Home Again” allowed Tyler to breathe new life into both his song and his creative process.

Including a pedal steel guitar-infused cover of “Karussell” explores Tyler’s enthusiasm for seventies German psychedelic music. He said, “I am trying to explore the territory between country rock and ‘Krautrock.’ It’s something I would like to go into more when approaching my next album.”

The 12-inch was recorded and mixed by Joe Pisapia at Middletree Studios in Nashville in late 2013. The full band for this recording is William Tyler on guitar and keyboard; Reece Lazarus (bass guitar); Jamin Orrall (drums, percussion); and Luke Schneider (pedal steel guitar). In addition, the album’s front and back cover photography is the work of Tyler’s younger sister Elise.


A Whole New Dude
B1 We Can't Go Home Again
B2 Karussell